Our Story

Portfolio Of Organization

Adinya Arise Foundation was birthed from the survival experiences of her founder, Mabel Adinya Ade, as well as thousands of women and youths, especially in rural communities, who have suffered life-threatening situations and lost their lives to a failing, grossly inadequate, or completely non-existent health care system in their various locations of residence.

Mabel Adinya Ade who experienced delays in conceiving a child furthermore dealt with the traumatising, life-transforming ordeal of losing several pregnancies which almost cost her life as well.
Healing through this process, she arose with a conviction and determination to ensure that her pain was transformed into the strength which calls on everyone to ARISE.

Every woman and every youth deserves an environment that encourages them to be open about their reproductive and sexual health.

We can thrive in a community where we are sensitive to the issues of maternal and adolescent sexual health, where lives are not cut short because residents are well informed and have access to the basic facilities which cater to their health needs, a community where youths are empowered to rise up to their full potentials.

It is the right of every mother and every adolescent to have access to quality health care services and be informed about all issues pertaining to their health and welfare.

Through the Adinya Arise Foundation, safe motherhood is guaranteed, youths are empowered to remain agents of transformation and the experiences of every woman and young adult would count positively.

Board Members

Dr. Yakubu Joseph                 –        Board President

Mrs. Mabel A. Ade        –        Member

Dr. John Agbo               –        Member

Prof. Josephine Odey     –        Member

Mr. Nicholas T. Agule   –        Member


Guaranteeing safe motherhood and adolescent reproductive and sexual health while promoting evidence-driven advocacies/interventions, ensuring youth development, and improving civil society expertise.