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There's a birth of a generation where the offspring (children) are less educated than their ancestors (Grandparents). this is the true story of the Dapchi community and remember, Dapchi is a philosophy... it represents what is happening in many communities that have experienced insurgencies and any other form of hostility.

There is a need to provide a virtual education because even the makeshift school arrangement is not functional in Dapchi and other similar communities.

It's the plight of an old woman in the Dapchi community who is educated and watching her grandchildren wasting away without education that birthed this drive for a virtual learning model or system of education.

There is already an existing company that has an e-learning application that supports the Nigerian curriculum, and it is been powered by a local area network (for offline accessibility).

Community Educational Needs

To improve capacity and girl child education

There's a need for at least one hundred (100) Android tablet to enable us Kick start this project of returning these children back to school aside the teachers and facilitators that will monitor the process.

There's a need for emotional connection between parents and children and between family members at large. A disconnect brought about by their traumatic experiences in the past and still on going.

This home learning (Virtual Education) initiative will help reconnect family members and also return routine to the lives of these children, since routine is one of the many ways children heal from trauma.

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